Symbiosis between human and nature

We are increasingly living in imbalance with nature.
The consequences of imbalance can be noticed daily.
If we want to become happy, we will have to live in symbiosis with nature again.

Symhuna is the website of Vera and Frank, the founders of CoralGardening.
The website is still under construction and
there will also be a webshop with products that contribute to a better balance with nature.
By buying products here, you contribute to Vera and Frank, so they can do their volunteer work for CoralGardening.

To prevent spreading the corona virus, our non-musical talent Frank wrote a handwash song.
It takes 20 seconds and also tells you how to wash your hands properly.

You can listen to the song on our YouTube channel (English version is coming soon)
and below you will find the lyrics.
Good luck in learning the song to your kids and friends.
Wash your hands and stay healthy.

Vera & Frank

Symhuna – Symbiosis between human and nature


Hand washing song